Let's scale twitter
Published over 7 years ago

The common wisdom in the Rails community at this time is that scaling Rails is a matter of cost: just throw more CPUs at it.

- Taken from a fuddy interview

Now, lets

From asset_tag_helper :

Caching multiple javascripts into one

You can also cache multiple javascripts into one file, which requires less HTTP connections to download and can better be compressed by gzip (leading to faster transfers). Caching will only happen if ActionController::Base.perform_caching is set to true (which is the case by default for the Rails production environment, but not for the development environment).

Now lets look at some of the headers returned by twitter :

GET /javascripts/prototype.js?1187986190
GET /javascripts/effects.js?1187986190
GET /javascripts/application.js?1187986190

And oh yeah, they return 200 instead of 304 almost always!

What more can I say ? Please scale ;-)